I am a body literacy educator, movement guide, and doula based in Brooklyn, New York.

I provide supportive presence and individualized education on movement, anatomy, reproductive health, and birth. We are asked to navigate the waters of many complicated systems in our lives, often at our most vulnerable moments. These systems work hard to maintain their authority over us. It is my work to ensure you know your rights, your body, and your choices and empower you to steer your own ship. 

My work was born out of my own on-going personal journey with these subjects and navigating my own health and wellness, wishing I had a partner in the process. I combine my education and experience in social work, dance, yoga, infant and child development, and reproductive health to meet my clients where they are and hear their specific needs and interests. 

I believe in the power of tempering our trust in authority with our trust in ourselves.

I believe in the power of self-inquiry.

I believe in the power of unconditional positive regard.

With this knowledge and these values, I offer my services to you, whatever form they may take.