Preparing to give birth is a time filled with questions and choices. As your birth doula, I am a sounding board for you and your growing family. Together we will discuss your hopes for your experience, consider your options, and craft an outline for your birth preferences. We will meet twice prenatally, brainstorm together, making sure you feel connected and supported. I am available throughout your pregnancy for text, email, and phone support as needed. At 38 weeks, your number gets a special, obnoxious, blasting ringtone in my phone and I'm on-call 24 hours, ready when you are!

In labor, my role will be to support balancing the preferences outlined prenatally with the demands of the present moment. In birth, as in life, things rarely go exactly as planned. It's my job to help your birth team work together to honor your preferences, keep you informed, and offer support to you and your family as it grows. 

Liz was an amazing doula. She was warm, calm, and very attentive to my needs when I was in labor. She knew exactly what to do at every moment. She knew when I needed a massage, needed to change position or just needed a hand. I felt very safe and cared for. She was also very encouraging, especially at the toughest moments. I highly recommend Liz for any future moms.
— MP, first time mom
Simply put, Liz was a life saver. She gave us great advice on ways to alleviate pain, cope with the mental stressors that the big day might present and answered our many, many questions. When our actual labor experience became more complicated than we had anticipated, having Liz by our side was an irreplaceable asset. She helped us stay as calm as possible and kept her wits when all about her were losing theirs. We owe her a huge debt of gratitude and know that our experience would have been drastically different without her.
— JG, first time dad