Growing families need support, and that's what I'm here for. As your postpartum doula, I will work in shifts from 4-6 hours in your home. I am there to help, whatever that looks like for you. Things our postpartum visits might include: 

  • nourishing you so you can nourish your baby
  • taking care of the baby so you can take care of yourself: you can shower, sleep, shop online, veg out and watch Netflix? Your call. Giving you space so you can do you.
  • discussing normal infant movement development and where to learn more
  • babywearing techniques
  • swaddling
  • walking around the neighborhood together, figuring out nursing in public
  • educating your family on what they can do to support you and baby
  • tidying your home
  • doing baby's dishes or laundry
  • playing with siblings, modeling how to safely adore and play with their new baby sibling
  • prepping meals, even running errands
  • sorting through the mountains of gift boxes from all those amazing people who love you, organizing your thank yous, handwriting some notes while you nurse your baby and dictate (nobody needs to know it's not your handwriting, and I promise my penmanship is A+, cursive and everything)
  • did I miss something? Ask and you shall receive. 
Liz is innately compassionate. This, along with her training as a doula, goes a long way with new parents. She has a wealth of information and resources to share, but more importantly, is supportive and kind. She was present with my son and I and was there for what we needed.
— Lauren, first time mom
Met us just as we were — imperfect and pulled in many directions.
— AA, mom of two