No one knows you better than you. No one will ever care as much about your health, your body, your life, as you.

When we are supported to understand the full spectrum of our options, we make informed, educated decisions and can choose to cultivate new, healthier patterns in our lives.

When we own this reality, we are in the driver's seat of our own health. And that's a good place to be.




Whether you are newly pregnant and want a sounding board to discuss your options, your water just broke and you're like, maybe I need a doula?, you just had a baby and need someone to hold her while you finally get some sleep, or maybe you're not pregnant and want to keep it that way. I am here to educate, empower, and support.


However and wherever you choose to give birth, I am there to provide emotional and physical support, help you and your family advocate to uphold your choices, and hold space for the birth process. From pregnancy through postpartum, I will be your sidekick, your librarian, and your cheerleader. You'll have support, you'll have resources, and you can do it!

Growing families need support, and that's what I'm here for. As your postpartum doula, I am here to help, whatever that looks like for you. From babywearing to breastfeeding support to laundry to dishes, if it nourishes and gives you a break, it's my job. 

The pill, the patch, the ring, the shot, the implant, the IUD, condoms, fertility awareness... The list goes on. There are so many different ways to avoid pregnancy, and exploring options can be a confusing trial-and-error process that leaves many feeling robbed of months or even years of enduring side-effects. I am here to support you and provide unbiased, evidence-based information about the risks and rewards of different methods.

Is your kid on the verge of puberty? Is the idea of sitting down and talking about sex, blood, and menstrual products giving you pause? I'm here to support you through that conversation, or heck, outsource it to me! I'll be that not-so-cool, (much) older sister that your kid can ask questions to and then not have to sit across from at the dinner table in an hour. Supplement the back-of-the-bus education with a compassionate and caring adult providing accurate, anti-fear-mongering information.



I believe that we are our bodies – our minds, our souls, our feelings and thoughts. All of it is a physical, temporal process to be explored, experienced, and revered. Combining my study of anatomy and kinesiology, infant developmental movement, dance, and yoga, I lead movement practices for all bodies and all ages.